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Back Into Action..??

" Yeah its not that i'm Back into action once again!! Its just that I just wanna make myself sure that I don't stop blogging in any moment of my life!!!"
Soo....Ive always wanted to come up with some new and interesting posts like i usually do( even though my posts are a little huge...its worth reading!! :P ). But now actually i really don't know whats coming into my mind.......
       My college is getting so bored that i think i have my mind frozen into an unmovable mass of ice that even the harshest sun cant melt it...!! ( seriously...!! i aint joking!!) . Maybe sitting in the FRONT BENCH made me hate my class...!! ( i got a new post to write about---the front benchers!! wow!). its some arts programs coming up in college and I gave my name for all kind of writings----- English-Essay,Poetry and Story. I just have to win this time. Or else I don't know how I'll convince my mind that i used to be a writer ONCE UPON A TIME!!!!

My only hope living in India while my parents and siblings live out there in Jeddah is the few talents Ive got in hand. If i loose my talents....ill loose myself....ill loose my everything! Its what keep me alive. I really dint try to convince yu tht m extremely talented with extra potential powers...! I just have to be me and not let myself drench in the rain of Engineering and turn out to be a moron with a bunch of supply,a few boyfriends and a few moments to remember and laugh!! Thats exactly not what m hea for!!

Its then my Religious mind About ALLAH (subhanawa tha'la) that pushes me to move on....when all the doors are closed in front of me HE opens the last door for me.Never let me down. And we always forget to thank Him! How selfish.(we!!)....

Hope i can be a good obedient slave of Allah and keep up myy potentials and bring out the ME in me!!!!!  


  1. awwe!! this is wonderful! a simple blog post.. (worth reading :P )

  2. Keep the spiritual thoughts Live in your life always to lead you in the right path

  3. Uhr blogs r simply amazin yet so siMple..n humble like ya


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