27 August 2013


It was one of those days. Those days when I wake up by the noice literally created by my ever irritating hostel mates (i would rather call them 'homates')and see them well dressed in uniform reminding me that I am once again late to college. Those days when I have my breakfast in a hurry forgetting what actually I just ate and rush to college in just two minute for bell to ring. The most interesting part is that I'll have majority of the homates with me....Coz thats how HOSTELERS are...!!
I always get stuck wondering if we all took part in next Olympics....HALF A KILOMETER IN JUST 2 MINUTES....!! Amazing....!!
As soon as we reach the class the lecturer will be already there and my sweetest friends force me to open the door. Slowly I open the door and *smile...smile...smile* (but that doesnt work most of the time).
"Hashba...! Where were you??? Hostel is not in the next district for you to be late right???........blah blah blah...." starts the teacher.... And we as usual,"Miss...we got food late...thats why..." usual excuses and we get in....!!
But nowadays our lecturers are turning out to be clever and that line is almost out of fashion and our some I-am-teachers-favorate homates reach early in the class and you can guess what happens next.!!
There are some really funny hours when you fly in the class. The lecture will be taking something really out of your mind's syllabus such that how much ever you try to concentrate,your invisible wings comes up and take you to some beautifull world of yours and you connect it and connect it and maybe finally reach Obama's kitchen or even Charlie chaplin's side pocket- something which has no sense and nothing to do with us...!! Finally when the lecturer starts dictating notes do we come back to life and start writing....!!
And in some other hours all I do is stare at the lecturer and if your lucky enough to be the star of the day....you will have him/her look straight into your face and teach and 'ta-da'...Your TRAPPED!!! Till the last minute you gotto shake your head and nod and nod and nod as if you just understood how wonderfull the subject is...!!!
Tooo much fun and my small blog to share...
More experiances on the way....

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