9 May 2011

That night!!!

                                                                      THAT NIGHT!
 It is spring, moonless night in the small town and moreover starless!
                     Yes! Night! One of the most lovely time. The time when I think of my past, present, and my future. But tonight is not for imagination. Tonight I can only think of “THEM!”. They; without whom I've had silent tears flowing out of my eyes…. Without them; I've always been all alone. They who always give you what you wished for. And yes the warmth of their love…the love that I never experienced!
                    Looking out through my bedroom window …. I stared at the dark sky above me. All I can see is one little star in the dark sky shining proudly as it winks at me. The cool breeze rubbed my face…. And I was feeling really good. My hair longed to fly along with the breeze. It took a short while when I noticed a tiny drop of tear crawling out of my eyes! I did miss them a lot!
                    Was that star after all…..looking at me?  Is it true that they are really up there? Now I really wish if I was a small kid believing the fact that our beloved ones comes to meet us by being these wonderful stars up there.   
                    But reality always strikes! And this is reality…the unsaid reality about my beloved unseen “GRANDPARENTS!!”…
                    LOVE from our near ones is something that you always long for more..and never less! Just like money or maybe more than that…the more you get the more u need it. After all the fate of love is that “it always seems too less or too much!”
                    My only “grandparents” is my mother’s mom. My grandma…. And if I could say she is a living legend! I've never seen anyone worth replacing her. I've got just everything from her. Love in the form of salted mangoes, gooseberries, pickles and not to forget lots and lots of scoldings! Yea I just said that. Its my grandma’s hobby I would say to scold me. And it is my official duty to irritate her and steal the pickles which was already made for me!
                   My cousins once said me, “when grandma heard that your coming she made 5 bottles of salted mango and gooseberry saying this is my child’s favorite!” She never accepts the fact that they were after all made for me…and waits till I steal it so that she can start with her one hour scolding.
                   It was only after days of my birth that my mother’s dad passed away! I've heard that he was a great man. He worked in Qatar and was the only man who went abroad those days in our area! (so we can guess how proud my mom would have been showing off!). I have seen him on photos which is stuck in my granny’s room. In that he wore a bell bottom pants with an off cream color T-shirt, looking absolutely young in his 40’s. The perfect grandfather I always dreamt about! My grandma used to say that he spoke real good English and was one his dreams that his children speak well too. But all I can imagine is my mom and her siblings staring at him wondering if that’s a language he's speaking keeping their mouth wide open! I WISH IF I COULD MEET HIM ONCE...SO THAT I WOULD HAVE FULLFILLED HIS DREAMS.(and more over I've got a lot of complains about my mom to register to him….I heard from my friends that granddads do help a lot) J
                                  My dad himself don’t remember his mothers face. She unfortunately passed away when he was only in 9th….i never knew how he overcame that. And my granddad left us when I was only two…. I've heard from mom that he was really fond of me and that even in his last few days of ALZHEIMERS, he did remember me. Mom also said that I used to ask him to spit in my hands and he only kissed them and close my hands!
                                     He was yet another legend…..with Pakistani nationality (that’s how people in our area refer us to the Pakistan family…weird!)…it’s been said that the British officers did come to our house to arrest granddad and that he hid somewhere I don’t know. A lot of great writers did approach my dad and family members to write about him. But they never let them do it. (Of course he was not a terrorist!!)…there are a lot of investigations to be done!!! And I feel my granddads sister, my favorite aunt...Whose only 101 years must truly know all about my granddads’ history! Maybe fate was waiting for me to get into writing and it will be me myself who’s going to write my grandpas history and reveal all his hard workings and effort to this world!!! YES GRANPA I’LL DO THIS FOR YOU! (But obviously after a few years!)
                 I've learned from one of my best friend who’s got both her grandparents from both the side alive!!! This makes it 4 for her… and just one for me! She said that grandfathers are the best part of one’s life….their care…their love…their affection. It makes you live in yet another world! But that world is now just beyond my imaginations….beyond the sky….beyond everything..!!!
                And now I can’t find that star in the sky….I cant find it anywhere….!! All I can see is the dark starless sky!
         The love that lasts longest is the love that’s never returned! After all life is a rainbow which also includes the black!
                                        I do love you a lot grandpa and grandma!! And I do miss u a lot!


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