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The life of a girl in KSA! (2)

(The fight…!)
Just as I hang up the phone with Ria I had to rush to the kitchen to help ma.

“Why are you up so early dear???? Go and sleep a lill more na? its only 2:00” ma said calmly!!!

“Ma m sorry….I was reading till late night! So slept a little late!!!..(I checked what she made for lunch)....oh no today also fish???? What the fish?? I think I have to go on diet today also!!!”…I got really pissed off!!!

“Yeah yeah I was about to say that…!!! U have been putting on lots of weight anyway… better diet!!!” I'm sure she smirked behind me!!

“What?????Weights????? Me????? No way (gotto run to my room!)You joke a lot ma…..” I said trying to sound calm!!! 
                 Ma just turned away from me waiting to throw the fish into the pan.

            I ran to my room and stood rite in front of the mirror. Phew …she was lying after all. I dint put on much weights.  I always wonder why anyone would be so conscious about themselves when they live in KSA. After all the “abhaya” is a must for every woman… no matter what their religion is! The Muslims, Hindus and the Christian women equally wear abhaya when they step out of their house! It covers one completely… making the girls least seductive! But that don’t really matter…for anyone here…because the amount of makeup they slap on their faces makes it impossible to think of anything else! Girls run behind branded makeup, converse shoes, colorful sandals, rings, funky bands…Anything …which is attractive…just anything. They never miss a chance for fashion in KSA!

                      But unfortunately the country runs on Islamic rules and not American!!! I always find it funny when my non-Muslim friends wear abhaya out in the malls and markets who in their own country wear shorts and sleeveless! But  here…they are fully covered and some even practices the Hijab!!! I silently laugh on such funny things that law can bring!!! Well… thoughts always apart….get into life now!!!

     One more day to kill!! What am I now supposed to do today? Vacation in KSA always reminds me of internet!!! Yes! The only invention by a scientist or a geek which was worth the discovery…!! Or maybe; the scientist or as I said a geek whom I secretly admire!!! Without you my life would have sucked hard time! Why dint Newton or Ohm try something really creative like this one here?? Rather than going for illogical things like why do things fall? And why the hell is something proportional to something else? Is it direct or inverse? I always wonder if they will ever realize how many lives have been ruined by just ‘one’ formula of theirs. Was fame better than ruining 100000000 of life? Well…I can’t debate on that now!!!

“Madam….can u please come and help me over???????? What r u doing in here? Am I supposed to work all day and night??? Y did I ever have daughters like u then? Aren’t u big enough to help your mother?????” ma was in one of her “THAT” mood when she entered my room!!

“OKAY OKAY!! Easy ma……I was about to come…!! Please gimme any work other than washing the dishes! (That was my worst night mare!!!!)….” I said trying not to shout back at her!!!

“Well…That’s the only thing remaining to do…!! You doing it or not?” she sounded really angry now….!!

“But u know rite….I don’t like doing that….I would have done anything else….even make the whole lunch…but please not washing the dishes… (Hehe I m sure she's done with making lunch and all other works!!!)” I said in tone so serious that anyone in the world would fall for it…..but unfortunately….my lady knows my dramas!!!

“No need to talk anymore…..I'm here as a servant for u rite? Just don’t help me….ill do it all myself….!!!(Oh no!) Do u know blah blah aunties daughter??? She wakes up in the morning and blah… blah… blah… blah.  She does this….blah …looks after her siblings…blah…blah….her ma doesn’t have to do anything….blah…blah….” OH no!!! She started with her emotional dramas including the story of goody- goody aunt’s goody- goody daughters!!!!(I know how good those girls are!! Huh!)  
                                                 PLAN 1: ESCAPE! TURN OVER THE PLATE!!Now!!!

“Maa….I was just joking… know Na…how much I love washing those (fukin) wonderful dishes!!!!.....I’ll do it….!!!Please don’t say no….please…….this is my fav thing!!!!” and I just ran out of the room!!!! Washing the dishes is always better than my mother’s emotional athyachar!

Within minutes I found myself washing those freaking dishes when lot of water kept splashing on my apron! I had switched on my mobile music so that I have some sort of entertainment…..!!! The song was one of my favorite... “DO IT LIKE A BROTHER…..DO IT LIKE A DUDE!!!” yeah yeah…..wash the utensils like a dude??? Bah!!! Y y y???? I hate this washing thingy….!!!

                     Hiring a maid was too expensive in Jeddah for us! I went back to my country….INDIA….(background music …….MERE DESH KE DHARTHI SONA UGLE……) Kerala…..Gods own country (music change: keralam….keralam….oooo) … home….my town….our maid…! MAID??? YEAH… I just had to know nothing when she was there…..just have the food and leave…!! Poor she…I now realize how hard she must have worked hard… washing all those dishes…..!!!

     “Are you done?” oh no….my lady is here….. (Lady??? Well…that's my mom…my life)!

“No ma….lemme enjoy what I m doing. Please don’t disturb me…” I know she was ready with the next work!!! I'm never going to finish this today!! Buhahahahaaa!!!

“Oh yeah I just forgot….u got a call from Sana this morning….when you were snoring!!!” ma said.

“Ugh maa….I don’t snore ok???”  Now that's really irritating!! I snore??? That too…me???

“Come on…. I heard it….!! Your sisters heard it!!! Even your dad heard it!!!” she chuckled!

“Oh…. but…that's coz I got a cold….!!! U know I struggle a lot to breath when I catch a cold!” I wanted to make my path clear!

“Okay okay…I dint come for a debate…Sana called you just to ask if you’re alive and ask if it’s really a vacation time. I still don’t get it… what she meant by that…!” ma started searching for some inter meaning from that too!!!

“She just meant it’s been vacation and we dint enjoy it at all ma! Common, imagine we dint even hang out together for years!!” I just said that!

“Well…m never going to leave three of you anywhere to hang out!! You three are the most dangerous ones!! If u hang out….we’ll probably have to hang u three out!!!” ma said….laughing at her own joke which I found awkward!

“eeheeehee(smiling like fools) …was that a joke ma?? Well…I liked it….happy? Ugh! U parents never try to understand us!!” I was scared if this would start another debate here…..!!!

“Yes …very well said Nina!!! U know… when I was your age…….” She just started her 15th century story by the time I interfered…

“Omg!! Yes yes….we all know that…u had no buses…no cars…nothing…and u had to walk km to reach your school….and your parents never let u out and that we are lucky to have all this!! Blah blah…” I had by hearted this story after hearing it for 10099th time!

“Nina…I have other things to do …than waste my time with a good-for- nothing!” she gave me a don’t-think-u-won look!

But I had officially announced me as the winner of this debate!! Hehe….I love irritating mom!!! How did this fight start? Oh yeah SANA!!! Bitch wanted to know if m alive….ill show her m not in my graveyard yet!!!

                          Ooopz!! U guys don’t know whose Sana rite? Well….she is the next one among my 5 best friends (did I say 5??? confused? Just go back to the first episode to confirm!) She was the first friend I made in KSA(and my entire life)! She is very tidy I would say …very... (Unlike me and Ria)! She is a genius in her calculus and of course like other girls (except me) very beauty conscious! She is tall...Fair…And has typical Indian long hair. Unfortunately it’s not dark…but brown (but that's not fare….even she is an INDIAN(mere dhesh ke dharthi….)…and a keralite (keralam…keralam…ooo))!!

                                     It was 2 years ago that I invited her to the world of the internet!!! And now she can never separate from it!! Just like Jack and Rose…never apart… (Sniff… sniff). And m 100% sure…if internet was a guy…it was Sana who would marry him (don’t u dare doubt on that!)…. She is the sweetest amongst us… listens to everything I say! (That’s y I love her a lot). We call her lamie Sana…as she cracks the lamest jokes of this world!! And when its Nina, Ria and Sana….WE ARE THE CRAZIEST!!!

                                       BUT NOT AS CRAZY AS MY 4TH BEST FRIEND… a friend with a cocktail personality…..VERY CRAZY! A friend, whose personality attracts everyone ….a friend that sticks closer than a sibling, a friend whose jokes can be understood by none other than the friend alone!  AND I WOULD SAY; A BEST FRIEND ANY ONE WOULD ALWAYS DREAM TO HAVE!! THE PERFECT ONE FOR ME!!!!

                              I count myself in nothing else as happy as in a soul remembering my good friends!

                                                           ………….. (To be continued forever)……………


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