26 December 2011


School days were always fun. Living with a hope that someday all of us will reach college, made every teenager exited! As a student even I had those hopes ….I saw the glitz in my eyes every time I see myself in the mirror! I finished off with my 12th with a whiff and finally joined the “ROYAL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY” also known as the RCET!!
I know that the road to success is always under construction!!!! So I chose civil engineering to rebuilt the road to success!!! So get it right engineers!! And finally the day arrived for me to go to my college!!
                                             The watchman opened the huge gates right in front of me which set thrills of goose bumps all over me! I was totally over exited….! No one knew what awaited me here…! Just as we entered the entrance we were asked to sit in the chairs which were beautifully arranged in a big ground like hall of my college….all the important people gave away their speeches and made me wonder if the same speech would be repeated for the coming juniors and their juniors and so on…..because the speeches seem to be like essay….something they had by hearted since they themselves joined the college!!! All of them started clapping when I was aware of where I was and broke my chain of thoughts. I saw many more teenagers of my age with the same glitz in their eyes as that in mine!
                                        There was a walk of around 5 min to my hostel.. And I was all set to start a new life here. It named “RCET GIRLS HOSTEL”. I got in and kept my stuffs in the 1st room I saw….room 115! And to my shock there were 6 other girls in the same room! I was sad that I dint know even one single girl there…and to my relief 3 of them decided to leave the room. I had a hard time in learning their names then….it was Limsha, Najma and Bincy with whom I shared room no.115! One girl then came to me silently and asked “why are you sharing room with 2 Hindus??? Wouldn’t it be comfortable to be with Muslims? So that you can do your prayer on time and won’t get distracted! You can come to my room…there’s one vacant place there”. I don’t know why..but at that moment I had to say her “no its okay….I believe in social integrity ….so I think it’s cool to be with them…right now we r 2 Muslims and 2 Hindus”!. AND NOW I REALIZED ….IF I HADNT SAID THAT……I WOULD HAVE NEVER LIKED MY HOSTEL!!!
                               I dint get much time to walk around and meet everyone in the hostel….we were all exited for our first day in college that was TOMMOROW!!!!! So we were busy preparing our self for the day! Since we had double ducker bed…..I had to sleep on the first floor which I hated like something. My roommates were actually too cool…limsha who cracks jokes for which anyone would surely laugh….if not you, at least I do. She's just like a frog…keeps on jumping all the time (I still wonder why she dint try for state long jump competition) and she missed her family…..she kept saying that it was the first time she stayed away from her family!  Najma was cute and friendly…..bincy on the other hand was mad and crazy!!!! 4 girls, different districts, different personalities and 1single room! Our chemistry rocked!!!!
                        Just like we waited……our first day rocked!!!.......