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The Royal College Of Engineering and Technology  

First year of College officially over....!!!

What are you trying to tell? We have just finished two semesters?no..thats fictitious!!! I seriously can't believe it!!I still remember the first day like yesterday!

You is a lot different than high school. We decide to commute from our home to a campus. our first year experience will definitely make an impression on us. Without doubt, though, the most dramatic first year is for those living away from home(yeah....the hostelers). What can we expect as we head off into the wonderful world of higher education?.And what we recieved here was something really different from what we expected....!!

I was totally blank...when my friend  Muzzamil asked me to write a summary about our first year experiance.(obviously i dint tell that to him.:P).Because it hasn't only been ONE experience...its more like 1,000 experiences packed into a six and a half(yup!!) month time period. Once we student make a final decision, a new phase of the college process begins. Suddenly, all the uncertainty that marked the preceding months is over, replaced by the need to get ready for college life.
You know first year is the year when we have lots of expectations....anxiety and a lot of discoveries in mind.You see those corridors...??those were still mystery for know which door leads where.....!and like some FBI (at your service) we used to sneak out (not during class hours!!!:P)and try to figure out where is led ws all fun.

It was obviously the first few days or rather i would say the first ''three'' days that was best rated! Yeah it was wen we had our orientation sessions......lots of games....lots to study....nd lots nd lots of MOTIVATION!
The true spirit of the orientation class was projected right the next day when all of us(with lots of efforts we had made frnds)were shuffled nd divided into 5 batches;A-B-C-D-E! The only thing we did was -be those classes ;we were asked to do what ur heart says....we were asked to be with your friends matter what comes in your way.....nd olso to be bold enought to speak out!! And so all the boys set out directly to the principals office with all the confidence nd spirits for COMPLAINING!!!..............................OH....!!it seems you wanna know wat happend next??haha...nothing,the Principal came to each class and gave a better-close-ur-ears scoldings(melting away oll the spirits) nd went.And we lived in our batches happily...!!! 
We were always 'protected' from our seniors.i still dnt get it y?The Anti-ragging squad obv...!!!
Hostelers always had a nice time.We always had our own entertainments despite the fact that :
1)we were not allowed to hoot.
2)we were not allowed to use the playground.
3)we were not allowed to watch the tv.
4)incase the seniors make up thier mind nd let us watch tv...we were not allowed to sit...evn if there were 1000 free chairs lying there.
5)we had to lower our gaze wen we see seniors....LAUGHING OR SMILING IS STRICTLY PROHIBHITED IN THE MESS HALL.(if caught...u need to explain the whole reason for it..haha!! as if)
 So these were the rules put up by The Seniors of girls hostel...!! And we followed it for almost 4 months...!!(omg)

The Basketball court

The boys whereas always had plenty of time playing basketball,football,cricket...whatever they wish for.Apart from the minor raggings like not letting them sleep at night,making them do the homewrks a way or the other....even they enjoyed.
The TEACHERS...our guardians were all energetic and gives a positive vibration to oll f us...whereas there were some who as they enters the class booom! instead of greeting with a good morning we silently say a GOOD NIGHT!
What I learned from my first year in college is that you are completely on your own. Teachers aren't their to baby you anymore. It's your decision whether you do what your supposed to do or not. You want to pass??---study...u dnt want to---dnt study!! Theres noone around to scold behind you...or even question you..!!!YOU ARE ALL ON YOUR OWN!
And we completely get it when its exam time.....we actually dont know what we are exactly supposed to do...!study!!!oh yeah....but what how nd frm where?we start our studies ryt frm the morning.....nd only giving some gaps for washroom,food nd the frequent walks to the cooler to get some water!Thers total scarcity of sleepness....i dnt know if ill be addicted to sleepinosmia(lack of sleep in my dnt search the dictionary!!)
But wen series exams get over......there comes a bunch of 
ASSIGNMENTS(only nd only a 100 pages!!if you dont complete it within a day-NO copy it frm nerdy gals nd pass onn)
RECORD----(dnt worry only-PHYSICS,CHEMISTRY,ELECTICAL,CIVIL,MECHANICAL AND COMPUTER....all together ''ONLY'' around 10000034599 pages :)

THEN CAME THE ELECTION!!!!Different parties....different groups.....fights....slogans...!!the most active ones in those-first years.And as rightly said by one of the best teaches ive ever met ..our own
Fazil sir..."...the boys who tuk part in the srtike shouting out "Inculab sindabad" dnt even know its meaning".. and eventually we realized that none of us knew its meaning.(well the actual word itself is Inqhilab Zindabad-means long live revolution)

But there is always a simple cute hope..that we have to carry these burden for just this year....!!!oh yeah itzzz more burdens!!


And never forgetting to mention the big and small incidents thats happened in every batches....some memories that will always stay in our hearts .......classrooms were always fun.. nd will always be...!!
Now....done with the first year....we all will meet again with new desires(nd new uniforms,bags,etc:P) meet our new face the next Tsunami...nd to spent 3 glorious years together for making and sharing new memories!!
(and yeah ragg our juniors....NS:if any staff reading this....i was juss joking...:P)




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