9 June 2012

The Desperate story of..MY PINK UMBRELLA!!!

The humor mixed emotional story of me and my desperate PINK UMBRELLA!

okay!! Now that you just read the title of this post...which says,"the desperate story of My pink umbrella", I'm sure you might be wondering..ha!whats the big deal in the story of an umbrella??? That too a desperate story??
   Ok since you have continued reading this....I'm again sure that(i  dont know y m always sure f things :P) you really wanna know what exactly my story .....ooopz.!! I mean my umbrella's story is...
Its not really compulsory to roll your eyes over thinking why is this girl not yet starting the story?.
                       After I have brazenly flaunted about ''My'' pink umbrella....its sure that I've got one myself. But how i got it is yet another story.......you do wanna know it right?olryt....here goes the story.....

       It all started when my college was about to begin.As a new student and first time hosteler,i bought kinda everything that will fit in my room (all due to over excitement). And now just one more thing was left to be bought......!!! AN UMBRELLA.
 My sister suggested...."arrey...just an umbrella...you can get it anywhere....".  Even jeeju felt the same. I was like..ok...fine. Lets go! We entered a shop..... the only shop in perimbilavu (a small going-to-be-city place near my college). We asked for an umbrella....and the lady over there took out some black umbrella's for us without even noticing the sparkle in my eyes for buying a new umbrella (ha! y should she?)

''uhmmm....excuse me aunty...can you show some colorful ones?Not black ones please"I asked without my sister notice me. But unfortunately she was right beside me.  OOOPZ!

"why do i feel that your looking for a pink umbrella?" she shot at me.

"wow!! your worlds best sister ever.....thats exactly what I am looking for!!!" such an understanding sister.....!!

" Are you mad?? you even want the umbrella pink?? this is a small shop.They might not even have a colored PEN here and you are looking for a colored umbrella?? take those black ones and come fast....theres no other shop here!!"...she said me.Understanding!!

By the time i could say some thing the 'aunty' had already flinged a bunch of BLACK umbrellas right in front of us. "select which you want".I gave her a very stupid look. Inspite of not having a colored umbrella and throwing all the black ones over me...she wants me to select also?select what?? which black is better than the other black? 

"come onn now dont waste time...we have to get you back to hostel before its too late...and see...umbrella is just used for protection against rain...got it? you just wet the umbrella ...dry it and fold it.Thats all.so y bothering about the colour?" my sister expained.

Ok.well...i made up my mind..Shes right...its just an umbrella...i just grabbed a black umbrella that was near my hand and turned to the counter.... All sad sad... :(

"hey wait!!!there's colored ones in this box.....here's it..the one you asked for....!!"the aunty called us back!

woooooooow....!! I knew that this aunty was good afterall (yeah...i just forgot to mention it earlier...i knew it anyways). And turned back all in a slow motion to see what I longed for......

       AND WHAT I SAW WAS...............


       This aunty is like......ugh...(i mean very good only)! 
"aunty....i want a pink one...this is ORANGE!!!"i said calmly as you might have loved to assume.
She took out blue....green.....red....and even violet. But no pink! I peeped into the box from which she took this out....and there.....in the midst of many black umbrella's.....I JUST SAW IT!!!!
                 MY PINK UMBRELLA!!!
It was wonderfully folded and kept.I grabbed it directly from the box and Happily set off to the hostel.

       Days passed by....but God dint send even a single drop of water from the shower in the sky! I desperately wanted to use my pink umbrella whereas my umbrella desperately wanted to get wet.My umbrella remained in my bag for 3 months and still no rain.

 And one day...i took my folded brand new umbrella out from my bag and kept it safely on my shelf  since it was a very hot day and there was again no hope of raining.

      BUT that day was different.....that day it rained....!!exactly the day when I put my umbrella out from the bag.SHUCKS MAHN!!!!THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!

Me and my friends stood right in front of the college wondering what to do next....many students and teachers took off their BLACK umbrellas and started walking away.HOW MUCH I MISSED MY PINK UMBRELLA RIGHT NOW!!!

And we all ran to hostel drenched totally in the rain.And in my room I saw my umbrella looking at me helplessly......I took it out....unfolded it.And opened my pink umbrella.hoping when i will get a chance to use this pretty girl again.And once again I put it back in my Bag longing to use it soon....