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        "this is all about how i met my bhabhi...a girl who was a total stranger to me...and how half a day bought us close to each other.....!!"
thnx to 123 greetings for the apt pic i got...!!!

I quite don't understand why the concept of randomness is a difficult task for me to accept. I've always heard people say "they were destined to meet!". that what makes you meet a particular person so important  in your life? If H decides to visit a place and A also decides to go there with every possible chance of not even a particular point of time they are ''destined'' to meet. And then you can find them having ice-cream together in the same shop. OK now i dint believe in all these destiny things.....But one fine morning....I was destined to meet her....She; whom ive seen just a day...She; who cares for me more than a sister can....She; who scolds me for anything stupid i do....She; who wraps me with love...and She; whom i love a lot! And shes ...yeah My Bhabhi (thats wat i call her)...!-----Arshida.
                 Now....whats this destiny i was talking about? destiny was tightly tied up with my bhabhis, inspite of having a 18973849 (thats not my fone number :P ) chances of not meeting her....! It all started with obviously my very-kiddish hobby of writing about people who inspire me a lot. I once encountered one supersenior of my college doing a goood-boy act apart from what others usually do. This made a good impact on me....and the very next minute i started writing about him...!(i dint even know his name...).It just took a two pages to write this short incident and how i liked his attitude. Days passed by and we gradually became friends all by coincidence again.His name was Shabeel and he became my Bhayya.(for thats what i called him)..!
                      One day Bhayya said me about PROFCON. A conference for professional college students on Islam. I was not quite sure if I had to go for it..since it was held in 8 hour travel from where I stayed-thrissur. And i was the only girl from my college. I had like infinite chances of cancelling it....But i just made up my mind and decided to go for it.
               The first day in the camp was just fine...I was all alone without any friends just like being in a family tour with no ''family'' in it. I missed the most essential ingredient. Companions. Since i dint have one...I sat in the front row, listening to the lectures which were incredibly too good. I dont know why but in between Bhayya kept texting me that I've got a surprise here. I seriously thought that Bhayya was actually mad.(hahaha!!!surprise over here?very fuuny). When the lecture was was the question and answer time....i got up and asked a question,in which i had to introduce myself...i heard some girls murmuring my name behind my back...(i heard them say.....thats hashba!)
           Just then a girl walked up to me......i had never seen her even in a traffic jam. She,with an Islamic greeting said;'' Assalamualaikum.Your hashba right?''. And held her hands towards me. "A breeze of destiny blew across my face''. You know....Just like in movies.....''there was just she and me...her hand held towards me with the worlds most beautiful smile..the camera rolling around us....(since i did my hijab my hair dint fly along with it).and I was just standing there 'dumbstruck'(as usual)".RESPOND to her FOOL!!!( ha...dnt worry thats my instincts yelling at me) 

I greeted her back and said,"Walaikummusalam...yeah I am...and you?".

''dint you understand me?'' she asked me as if i knew everyone in the world.

 Clever me...started acting as if i was thinking hard to recognize her....(Shucks mahn!!!now whose she....i dnt even knw her...wat will i say....think....think.....).

 "well you know Shabeel???"she asked me and I am sure that she got it that I was totally bewildered. OK now i get it as some prank of Bhayyas....maybe this was his great art of surprising me!

"yeah i senior.....he...." but I was stopped in between.

"well...I am his wudbe...." She said....with that pretty smile on her face...

"yeah? OK i see....nice to meet you..." is what I said but what my mind said was...(what??????wudbe????Bhayyyas????he never mentioned about her.....wooooow......this is an awsuuuummmm surprise...!!!haha mad?Bhayya m gonna kill you for not telling me this one hand before!!!)

''Hashba your here!!!theres not a single place where I dint look for you....." of my bus mate( only companion there) came running to me and caught hold of my hand.

''No single place left to look out for me??what about this place?" I asked back....

"you and your silly jokes.....come fast we ought to go now.....we are already running out of time.." and pulled my hands.....''by the way whose this?''...

Oh no! Shes a chattterbox. And I am sure she will ask extra questions,out of syllabus and everything to Bhayyas wudbe. But my minds only a cycle compared to her superfast train the time i made plans to escape....she had started taking the INTERVIEW!!!

''ok renu....we were running out of time...remember?''...I asked her...trying to help out the other poor girl.

''oh yeah...lets run.." and she held my hands nd took me out....

"WAIT....!!!!" I SCREAMED.....

''now wat???" She asked when we had already sat in the bus....

''I forgot to ask Bhayyas girls name....nor her place....!!Shucks i dont even know wat shes doing!!!...i dint ask her anything....!!!I EVEN FORGOT HER FACE!!!UGH!!!!! inspite of she knowing everything about me."...i realized wat a foool i turned out to be. Its Bhayyas going-to-be-wife and I dint even talk to her? Did I embarrass her??? Or did i embarrass myself???

"dont worry girl.....u have a half day left....tommorow you can meet her again and even talk to her...we have time till Afternoon.the camp ends only at 3..."

That night I had a tough time..... tomorrow was my last day in the camp...and i had to find her but how am I ever supposed to find out that girl and ask her name....assuming around 5 thousand students there..I had to search for her... in-spite some cool reasons that:-
1) I dint have her number.
2) I dint know where she sits.
3) I totally have no idea if I will get a chance to meet her after the lectures.

and the best one...

4) I don't remember her face...!!..

        And I dozed off thinking if i could ever meet her..! And whats gonna happen tomorrow.Just half a day....and a crazy plan to find her....And my plan was....

                                                     YES....I DINT HAVE A PLAN....!!!!

how did i find her?
   did i find the right persn?

(wait and see how within half a day.....she became my Bhabhi...and y i love her a lot....and how we became this destiny made best friends....!!!)


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