12 June 2012

Once again comes the departure time!

"okay....then....bye...!" I've always taken a lot of time to say these words. There's always a pain somewhere in my throat when I say it. And this time once again I find myself waving goodbye to my most beautiful Mom,my ever loving Dad, all my 4 sisters and my brother! Its really a tough task to accomplish. But life goes on and we must move on....
    Leaving Jeddah once again makes me wonder if i could again see this beautiful place again...! My future lies in India...and my Past..present and my soul is left behing with my family when I bid them farewell...!! I  dont know how long 1 year is going to be like to wait to see them again....But my only prayer is that it shoudnt be like waiting for a 5000 years and half a day.

Even if miles apart....The warmth of their love keeps me going onn...! I love you all !

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