10 January 2013



“hashbaaaaaaaaaa!!! Did you see my socks?? One of them is missing!!!”. It was Irfana Muthubeevi  from my neighboring room wearing just one socks and was screaming as if she had lost her 100kg gold.

“your socks? How will I see it? No way….! I dint find it anywhere….”..ha! why will I hide it? As if its of some use for me….i was as usual busy getting ready for college….

“yeah…I saw your socks!!!” …said limsha from the other side….

Hearing this Irfana came running to our room and with a cry of happiness for finding her old long ago missed socks(sarcastically :P) . “where is it? Thank god you found it….” I could see her joy of happiness for just knowing that limsha had seen it!

“It just went down now to have some tea! EEEEEEEE”,Limsha said with her ‘I made fun of you’ smile!
“uuuuggggggghhhhh!!! What a funny joke…I really owe you for that one now!” said Irfana and went off!

         According to me…the story end here….Irfana had lost her socks and it was nowhere to be found!! She somehow managed with another pair of socks and went to college in an off mood! The day passed by in a normal boring way with lots of lectures….sleepy eyes and hand paining note writing! Looking at the watch every now and then somehow it became lunch break….. Happily me,irfana and murshida came back to hostel for our daily routine of praying and having lunch.

        But just as I got in my room I heard a “shrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeikkkkkk!!”. It was from Irfanas’s room. I went running to her room and to my surprise saw Irfana rolling and laughing aloud in her bed!

“whaa…..whats wrong?” I actually dint know what to ask…..

“I FOUND MY SOCKSSSSS!!!!!” Irfana screamed……… “ guess where it is???”

“uhmmm…….” I was supposed to guess and screened her bed where I found the one of the pair but not the other one…… “I dunno”

“its HERE!!!!!” she said pointing to her uniform hand part (the muscle part infact :P). Yeah!! Her socks was inside her uniform and she had been walking around the whole day with it in her uniform and amazingly she dint realize that such a big thing was stuck over there….. HATSS OFFFF!!!!


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