14 February 2013


There are times when life does surprise you with unusual ‘TWISTS’ that you really don’t expect. The time when you stand straight in the middle of a huge crowd that walks in every possible directions than the one you know….a tiny drop of fear hits right on your heart! This moment when you realize that your passion has already been lost somewhere midst the crowd. But that very moment kills you as far as you don’t want to accept the horrible truth.

As always, my passion for being a writer and an orator had grown up along with my age (don’t wanna mention it here!!). Thanks to Blog-spot and my college for letting me be what I am now as a writer. As far as the ORATION is concerned ; it was and is and always will be my biggest dream to be a great speaker and speak in front of an audience of minimum 1000(okay….sarcastically…). but now I feel like my path to oration is on its way to extinction and I don’t wanna leave it.

This evening in my college we were called upon for an elocution competition selection which was according to me a foundation to start achieving my passion. But I dint sense danger until that question came out from sir…., “INTRODUCE YOURSELF”. Since I was the first one to go…I had to blabber something about me and trust me I actually don’t know what we are supposed to say when we are to introduce our self. Right after my not-so-good introduction, sir asked the students what to tell and what not to tell in their introductions and ta-da……they all did it well.

Sometimes our accent too does matter a lot. Just an Indian English is not necessary for elocution or for a speaker. They got to exercise a lot on their language and speaking skills. When one of my sirs spoke in the real American accent, I got ashamed of why I can’t do it. If he can, why not me? And finally it struck me that “ Hashba….my dear….being an orator is not simple…..go and hear Martin luther king’s speech….Obama’s speech and learn something…!!”

And if this chance slips from hand….the basic foundation for my passion slips away and I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait for the next one….. All the best Hashba!!!

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