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Sitting in the bus returning home from hostel listening to the mix of songs played backgound.. this always get me to a lot of mind work. The excitement of getting back to  home sweet home, hugging Haifa and giving choclates to Hadi and my sweetest nephew Fellah who surround me and hold my legs as soon as I reach home. They treat me as a long ago lost sister as in the old bollywood movies who came back home after years and years. The warmth of getting back in moms hands and my elder sister waiting for my stories....
A flood of thoughts goes across my mind this time... the rush in the bus...that cold wind that tries to take away my scarf along with it and the faces of absolute strangers lost in their own thoughts. When the bus pass by small towns or villages I get to see a lot of people peeping into the bus, some trying to get into the bus and some who wasnt good enough in athletics and miss the bus.
The song keeps changing and along with it changes my mood. Some songs are so classical that it reminds me of a desporate looser and some songs that drowns me in the pool of love and some songs that boosts me up.
The sudden breaks and stops that makes us hit other poeple and their dirty stares... everything and anything happening  here as if its a small world in here. Getting up and respecting elders by lending our seats. Fighting with some for sitting in ladies seat, reminding the conductor to return the balance cash and so on...all in a tiny box- The Bus!
And just as we step down from the bus....BOOOM!!! everythng just vanishes....! Off to next world now...nothing do we remember...nothing do we think. And then on our mind is in rest from thinking untill next bus ride...
In our buzy lives...I think our mind should also be given considerations to wander the world it wishes to go and think high up till its satisfied.....
Do travel in bus....and set out your mind free.....!!!


  1. Yea..nthn z more relaxin than da siMpl act of travelling. . dat too in a bus


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