6 August 2013

The witty toungue with an attitude! !!

As usual I was sitting dumpstuck in class. Since our lecturer wanted to make the "Extra ordinary guys" of our class sit in the front bench, she asked the girls of the front bench to sit somewhere at the back. And so came ' HUSNA' ; THE WITY TOUNGUE WITH AN ATTITUDE who came and sat next to me....!!
      With  the new shining braces on, she smiled at me and opened her note book which looked more like the cover page of a sketch pen. Full of colors running from every corner of the book; red, green, blue, black and even she drew double underlines for each topic. At that very minute I realised that she was the only person left on earth who still dint lose the hope of this college being a SCHOOL!!

SO again I started yawning and moving around when the lecturer taught something which I actually felt like sitting in a spanish class; COULDN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD!!!!

I heard the lecturer ask;"so after this what will we do??" .Silence. The whole class was pin drop silent on this very question giving a 'how am I supposed to know look' :P
And suddenly from the left hand side of me came a sound saying "we test the soil..!!"

The whole class turned and looked at her....Husna...omg!!! She knew the answer?  And since I ws sitting next to her...they even looked  at me. I gave all my friends a helpless smile. AND THEN I THOUGHT OF NOTHING ELSE...TOOK A PAPER AND STARTED WRITING ABOUT HER....while she was again calling out the answers like a school kid...!

Finally I realised that the class was over when the lecturer asked Anju a question which she couldn't answer. The lecturer started scanning the whole class. Except for Husna all others had thier heads down due to the sudden weight on it... (I wonder how it came.. :P)
I turned quickly to my left hand side and asked her whats going on and with a little smirk. ...Husna explained me the whole procedure and I memorized like a small kid.



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