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Love After an arranged marriage (part 1)

Love after an Arranged Marriage…..!!!! ( Part 1)

In love marriage….you find your soul mate, give him all your love and then get married. It’s a rabbit in action.
In arranged marriage your family finds the soul mate, you only “see” him, try hard to believe that he is the one, get married and slowly…..very slowly start giving him all your love. It’s a tortoise in action.
It was hard for me to get back into writing after a long gap. (Thanks to some Indian authors whose books inspired me to write again.) My engineering life and my work life had all set me on for some unknown journey I had begun with no special purpose.
But as far as an Aries woman is considered, finding fun and adventure is what turns me on. I enjoyed every step I took. I learned from the few great mistakes I made. I made everyone happy if they were around me. I left no hint to trace once I left.
Life was an amazing travel guide for me. The more I traveled…the more likely was for me to take shelter. I believed in making everyone around that shelter know the taste of happiness and fun. And then move on. Not returning back. Not leaving any signs of existence. Or moving on for new shelter, new people new hopes. Being a good memory was the right thing.
I took all my choices on my own. And my parents supported. They dint pamper me too much that I lost the control to stand on my feet. I was an independent girl like every other girl. And I enjoyed it.
Occasionally gifting myself with books. Going to the market and buying chocolates and chips so that I can eat it all myself. Watching tons of movies in weekends. Going home for vacations. Take a day off from office. Not responding to whatsapp groups or unnecessary chats. Calling no one and just building up my own empire.
Things were simple and peaceful.
But little did I know that all my self-pampering era was going to shut down soon.


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