27 January 2017

Love after an Arranged Marriage…..!! (PART 2)

Love after an Arranged Marriage…..!! (PART 2)

I saw him just once and I couldn’t decide if this was the guy I had to live my entire life with. Really?? My mind was blank.
I was already 56 years in the eyes of my neighbors. They even spread rumors like
” Her parents have been searching for a groom since past 5 years.” I was like…..what?? That is when I dint even finish my 12th standard. Typical neighbors. Marrying of their daughters from 10th standard and getting restless if any girl exceeding that age is still single. I was 22. Too much for them.
All said. The guy was cool, Mba graduate from the UK and what more own business in UAE…!!
I got married.
I smiled in my wedding pictures just because I wanted it to turn out good in the album. But deep inside myself I found someone chaining me deep down to the ground cutting of my feathers. The pain of realization that I wasn’t a single sank deep in me. Slowly.
The first 2 months of my life then was a night mare. I had to take care of more people now. Be concerned more. Be more responsible. Act like an adult. Look after my beauty. Keep myself in shape. Choose the right choice of dress. Walk with shyness. Enquire on everything possible. Look after him. Make him feel cared. Speak less to everyone around me. Get disconnected from all near ones and concentrate only in one single person.
I was numb. I tried hard to pretend the all new me for around a month. We fought like born enemies every single day and night. His world was not mine…and my world could never be his.
I broke up with books, movies, chocolates, chips and all other affairs I had. Because I had a battle to win.
Fighting. Crying. Fighting. Crying. Making up which was fake. Pretending to be happy when you’re not. Pretending to be fine when you’re not. Pretending to cheer them up when your broken. Apologizing to them when you were right.
I saw my life getting a difficult twist right in front of me. I was broken in every single way possible. I dint want marriage. I advised all my friends to get married late.
And then Magic happened.
After all these fights, we were discovering each other. Once fought, we never fought for the same reason again. That was being corrected. We started liking what the other one wanted. Changing yourself according to their wish was no more a burden.
I realized that he was just so innocent and carved for love. His character made me fall for him. I tried to be my best for him. And after learning what I am, I got all the support and care from him. He bought a brand new Mercedes wings for me to fly again. He pushed me hard in case I forgot to fly. We loved each other madly like no one would have….
And that was our day of love.
I was back……to what I am. But this time I have a companion who would travel around with me forever.
It’s the tortoise on action.

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